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Upper Iowa University has teamed up with Sophia to help you complete your degree more quickly and affordably. Available anytime, anywhere, and accessible by most any device, Sophia's self-paced courses let you earn general education credits on your schedule. View the course chart below to find the right courses that will help you complete your degree.

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Upper Iowa University

Save Time and Money with College Courses from Sophia

Upper Iowa University has teamed up with Sophia to help you complete your degree more quickly and affordably. Available anytime, anywhere, and accessible by most any device, Sophia's self-paced courses let you earn general education credits on your schedule. View the course chart below to find the right courses that will help you complete your degree.

No credit card required
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Sophia Course UIU Course Credits Rating
Business Communication Business Communication BA 374 Business Communication 3
Business Law Business Law BA 302 Business Law and Ethics* (transfers as lower-division credit) 3
Financial Accounting Financial Accounting ACCT 201 Accounting Principles I 3
Introduction to Business Introduction to Business Free Elective 3
Personal Finance Personal Finance UIU FIN 288 Personal Financial Management 3
Principles of Finance Principles of Finance FIN 341 Corporate Financial Management (transfers as lower-division credit) 3
Principles of Management Principles of Management BA 210 Management Principles 3
Project Management Project Management Free Elective 3
Career Readiness Career Readiness Free Elective 3
Human Biology Lab Human Biology Lab Free Elective 1
Introduction to Career Readiness Introduction to Career Readiness Free Elective 1
Introduction to Chemistry Lab Introduction to Chemistry Lab Free Elective 1
Workplace Writing I Workplace Writing I Free Elective 3
Workplace Writing II Workplace Writing II Free Elective 3
English and Communication
English Composition I English Composition I ENG 101 - English Composition I 3
English Composition II English Composition II ENG 102- English Composition II 3
Foundations of English Composition Foundations of English Composition ENG 100 Writing Skills 3
Public Speaking Public Speaking Speech General Elective 3
Visual Communications Visual Communications GRAF 112 Introduction to Graphic Design 3
Workplace Communication Workplace Communication COMM 307 Business and Professional Communication (transfers as lower-division credit) 3
Ancient Greek Philosophers Ancient Greek Philosophers Humanities General Education 3
Approaches to Studying Religions Approaches to Studying Religions REL 120 - Introduction to World Religions 3
Art History I Art History I ART 211 - Art History I 3
Art History II Art History II Art 212 - Art History II 3
Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Humanities General Education 3
Introduction to Ethics Introduction to Ethics PHIL 202 Contemporary Ethics 3
French I
French I Humanities General Education 3
Spanish I Spanish I SPN 101 Beginning Spanish I 3
Spanish II Spanish II SPN 102 Beginning Spanish II 3
Math and Science
Calculus I Calculus I Math 120 Calculus I (3 credits) 4
College Algebra College Algebra MATH 105 - College Mathematics with Applications 3
Environmental Science Environmental Science ES 161 - Introduction to Environmental Science 3
Foundations of Statistics Foundations of Statistics Free Elective 2
Human Biology Human Biology Natural Science General Education 3
IT Career Exploration IT Career Exploration Free Elective 1
Introduction to Chemistry Introduction to Chemistry General Education Natural Science 3
Introduction to College Mathematics Introduction to College Mathematics MATH 105 College Algebra with Applications 3
Introduction to Information Technology Introduction to Information Technology IS 102 3
Introduction to Statistics Introduction to Statistics MATH 220 - Elementary Statistics 3
Social Science
Conflict Resolution Conflict Resolution PSY 240 Conflict Resolution 3
Introduction to Psychology: Smarter Decisions Through Psychology Introduction to Psychology PSY 190 - General Psychology 3
Introduction to Sociology: Embracing Diversity and Collaboration Introduction to Sociology SOC 110 - Principles of Sociology 3
Macroeconomics Macroeconomics ECON 161 3
Microeconomics Microeconomics ECON 160 3
Topics in U.S. History: Learn from the Past, Prepare for the Future Topics in U.S. History Social Science General Education 3
U.S. History I U.S. History I HIST 110 American History to 1877 3
U.S. History II U.S. History II HIST 111 American History Since 1877 3
Other Courses
College Readiness College Readiness Free Elective 3
Developing Effective Teams Developing Effective Teams Free Elective 1
The Essentials of Managing Conflict The Essentials of Managing Conflict Free Elective 1

Other Sophia Courses

Upper Iowa University has not formally confirmed credit transfer for these courses. Please contact the school for approval.

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by Hisako O. on September 30, 2023
Since I have a great fear of math and numbers, this was a tough challenge for me. However, thanks to Sophia, I now earned three credits! yay!
by tyler p. on September 30, 2023
not my favorite
by Emiko S. on September 30, 2023
It was a hard topic. I have always struggled with math so the overall idea of teaching myself and learning by myself… it was unbelievable…. I had a rough time with this course but… study the “pre milestone” test… follow the formulas. I give this a 5 star rating because it truly didn’t take a long time. I knocked it out once I figured out the formulas. Good luck guys.
by Tejas V. on September 30, 2023
Quite challenging. It would be beneficial to have some hints provided when encountering mathematical formulas.
by Chibuogwu A. on September 30, 2023
by Brittany I. on September 30, 2023
Honestly this course was harder than I thought It would be. Be sure to watch the videos.
by Demetria R. on September 29, 2023
Very informative!
by Robert B. on September 29, 2023
Thank you for helping me achieve my potential.